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Have you been thinking BIG enough today?

IRONREVENGE is an indisputable statement of Invention, Innovation and Industry.

IRONREVENGE the "Strength of America" would like to help Americans remember what makes our country great and to remind everyone to always Think BIG!

Let’s work together to inspire people of all ages, and to foster pride and excellence in everything that they do.


Glenn Harris, a member of America’s 1st license Pool Building Family was in Orlando getting ready for an international project and saw this BIG blue "pick up" as a way to make an image statement, haul equipment and to satisfy a childhood urge to be a truck driver. Though it was very BIG, it was still in a "pick up truck" weight classification so the regulations and operational costs were decreased which made good business sense. IRONREVENGE is an international CXT made by Navistar which is the World's Largest Production Pick Up Truck. IRONREVENGE is the biggest of them all making it the World's Largest "street legal" 4x4 Truck. Big enough to pull just about anything and fun to drive. After a two year deployment in the Caribbean, this truck, which was then nicknamed "Blue Magic" returned to Orlando where it joined it's darker colored Team Mate named "Black Magic" (how imaginative, right?). There was a  definite "Magic" to them both, as they fascinated observers and made people smile. They made a lot of friends along the way. One day, as the economy began to change, Glenn looked at both trucks sitting side by side and had an instinct to do something creative with company assets and in particular, these trucks. Since they were both the same stature, profile and of World Largest designation, there did exist distinct differences that made the “blue one” the best candidate for modification. After a year of "thinking about it"  a plan was set to turn it into what is now known as IRONREVENGE. There was actually a middle-of-the-night "light bulb" moment that spurned action and a subsequent internet search for something like it set the course. "I actually woke from a deep sleep and said to myself out loud, 'If I did that, it would be the World’s Largest “street legal” 4 x 4 Truck. That was enough for me". A nearly two year process of planning, designing, engineering, waiting for parts and fabrication along with the assembly of it all and it was ready to roll in its Phase I profile. There were certainly lots of BIG challenges in building it. IRONREVENGE is now entering Phase V of what could be a 9 or 10 phase process so there is more to come with additional themed trucks envisioned to promote "the Strength of America".

In other words, Keep Looking Up and Always Think BIG!